Summer Dorotik, M. Ed., PSC                    6th Grade

Rachel Ondrias, M. Ed., PSC                     7th Grade


Cindy Witcher, M. Ed., LPC, PSC              8th Grade




The counseling department of El Campo Middle School provides a comprehensive service to all students. These services are aimed at meeting the needs of students in the following areas: academic, learning, social, emotional, college and career. Along the path toward high school and beyond, the counseling department provides our students with a personalized and student-centered approach through individual and group guidance. In our supportive environment, students learn to identify goals, develop nonacademic strengths, talents, and interests. We believe it is our responsibility to build a foundation for learning by assisting students to develop self-respect, awareness of others, and positive attitudes toward acquiring knowledge.
In addition, school counselors
• monitor student progress throughout the year
• facilitate each individual student's placement based on identified student strengths
• sponsor programs to support student success
• meet with parent groups to strengthen the home/school partnership
• meet with individual students and parents regarding academic, personal, or social growth, helping students and their parents identify choices and possible consequences of these choices.
• develop and facilitate student groups as determined by the team and based on the academic, personal and social needs of middle school students
• present career education lessons
• provide conflict mediation services to students as needed
• interpret test data to parents and, on a need-to-know basis, to staff

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