PRIDE Card Store

ec_logoPRIDE Card Store


Small School   Supplies (Pens,   Pencils, Spirals)

5 cards per item

Large   School Supplies (Binders, Pencil Pouches)

15 Cards per Item

Replacement   ID Badge (one per 9   weeks)

15 cards

Free Ice   Cream/snack certificate

20 cards

Get out of   Lunch Detention (one   per 3 weeks)

30 cards

5 minutes   extra lunch

30 cards

Use iPod   at Lunch

50 cards

Wear hat   to school certificate

60 cards

Wear   flip-flops to school certificate

60 cards

Ricebird   T-shirt

50 cards

Ricebird   Hoodie

75 cards

Eat lunch   at picnic table with 5 friends

100 cards

Showplace   Movie Tickets

100 cards

Lunch Delivered from   Restaurant

(Subway, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, Mr. Gatti’s)

250 cards


$5 Gift   Card (Sonic, Wal-Mart)

250 cards

Off campus   lunch w 2 friends and principal

1500 cards

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